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Area residents wishing to get a library number in our system need to come in and fill out a brief form.

We now require two forms of identification with matching addresses. 

  • The applicant will need a current Driver's License and another form of identification with a matching address. 
  • This identification can be a letter or another piece of mail that provides proof of an established address.
  • Persons not in possession of a Driver's License will need to provide some other form of identification which includes a photo and address. 
  • A library number will be issued in our system for the patron.
  • The number will be valid for two years, at which time it can be renewed.
  • Parents may fill out a form for children to have their own number issued.
  • Parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 are responsible for items checked out to their minor children.
  • "Summer" residents will be issued library numbers with proof of their local summer address. Their winter address will also be requested for our records.
  • We do have a checkout limit for new patrons. This is due to problems we have in recent years with patrons moving out of town without returning library items.
  • These checkout limits were established by the Library Board.
  • New Family accounts have a limit of six items per checkout. New patrons with individual accounts may checkout two items per visit.
  • Increased checkouts are at the discretion of the library staff and based on a patron's return history.


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