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Interlibrary Loan

The Cornell Public Library is happy to provide the Interlibrary Loan system for our patrons.  If there is an item we don't own, we are always happy to try to borrow it from another library for our patron upon request. 

Library patrons with a request:

  • Can call in their request to library staff 715-239-3709
  • Send an email to: 
  • Or make the request in person at the library.  Library staff will then put the request into WISCAT.

Patrons are notified by telephone when the item has been received at our library.

Patrons are asked to remember that newer items are usually not available for several months. The availablity of the item will depend on the age, demand, and the number of holdings throughout the state.

There is no charge for our patrons to use this service. 

The only cost that could occur, would be for items lost or damaged by the patron.

Internet Resources                       

There are a variety of internet resources available to people free of charge.  The following are just a few that people might want to investigate.

Cornell Cemetery Index and Map

The Cornell Cemetery Index and map were updated in 2020 and the links are below.

Cornell Cemetery Index Updated in 2020

Cornell Cemetery Map Updated in 2020


Internet Privacy

Every one should be concerned about privacy online. San Jose Public Library has developed a "toolkit" available on their website.  They encourage libraries and library patrons to use this to help learn about privacy on the internet and to help people feel safe and confident online.  The link to this Virtual Privacy Lab is: 



This web site includes links to more resources you can use from home. This includes searching for articles in magazines, newspapers, books and more. A variety of topics can be searched relating to auto repair, health, colleges, jobs, computer software, Kids search, history, genealogy, science, technology and much, much more!


US County Clerks by State

Anyone wanting to search public records can find county listings for all fifty states at:


Wisconsin History Collection

 Interested in Wisconsin History? You may like to check out this website:


History and Ancestry

Looking for some old newspapers? The Library of Congress has a website where some newspapers have been digitized. There are not any Wisconsin papers currently on the website, but there may be some of interest. Find them at:


World Vital Records 


DNA Weekly

The website provides In-depth and impartial reviews of leading DNA test kits, user-generated reviews of every DNA test kit we tested and detailed kit comparisons to name a few




Reading reviews in advance of purchasing items, programs or insurance is always a valuable tool to help people make informed decisions.  Patrons wishing to check reviews for various companies promoting a wide variety of items including insurance, online educational programs and prep tests, finance, business, and numerous home and lifestyle products might like to check out the following link:


Wisconsin Unemployment

This link  connects to Wisconsin Unemployment site:  


Wisconsin Job Search Center

Thie following link connects to the Wisconsin Job Search Center: 


Tax Forms

Tax form links:

This link will connect to the Federal Income Tax Forms web site.

Wisconson State Tax Forms can be found at the link above.

This is a link for Minnesota State Tax Forms.


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